2. Zirkular zur 27. Internationale Polartagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Polarforschung e.V.

The cold regions of the Earth – Arctic, Antarctica and the high mountain ranges – are exposed to fundamental changes due to global warming and direct anthropogenic pressures. The Arctic sea ice as well as glaciers in Greenland and Alpine mountains are not only losing huge areas, but also habitats for many unique organisms depending on the cold habitats. The terrestrial permafrost is thawing leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions. However, these changes ranging from loss in cryospheric extent to coastal erosion or neobiota have many but yet unknown consequences for polar physico-chemical, biogeochemical and geological processes as well as for polar organisms and their ecosystems.

The German Society for Polar Research invites you to the 27th International Polar Conference to be held at the University of Rostock, Germany, 25th – 29th March 2018, to discuss the cold region changes and resulting consequences. Oral and poster contributions are welcome in the field of polar and high mountain research covering the following and related topics:

  • Atmosphere and Ocean in High Latitudes
  • Permafrost and Periglacial Habitats
  • Past land/shelf/ocean interactions in the Arctic
  • Geodynamic Processes
  • Last Glacial to modern climate variability 
  • Pioneers in Polar Research
  • Mass balance and Dynamics of Glacier Systems 
  • „Cool Classes“: Polar Topics at Schools
  • Polar Organisms under Rising Temperatures
  • 150 Years of German Polar Research
  • Climate History at the Poles - Regional Impact and Global Significance
  • Marine Polar Biology - Biodiversity, Distribution and Food Webs
  • Terrestrial Polar Biology - Structure and Function of Communities
  • Hot Topics in Polar Research - From Social to Natural Sciences
  • DFG SPP 1158 Antarctic Research - Report Colloquium

Venue: University of Rostock, Campus “Südstadt”, Institute of Physics, Albert-Einstein-Strasse 22-24

Registration fee: Regular registration fee (by 20th Dec 2017) 180.00 €

Reduced registration fee (by 20th Dec 2017) 90.00 €

The reduced registration fee applies to Bachelor, Master and PhD students. The registration fee includes the complete catering, namely all lunch and coffee breaks (Monday to Thursday), Icebreaker Reception (Sunday evening) and Social Dinner (Tuesday evening).

Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts: 15th December 2017!

Registration/abstract submission possible from 30 October 2017 at polarforschung.de/events/27th-international-polar-conference/

Find all the information in the 2nd circular.